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Discover How Search Intent Changes Everything for Your Google Visibility

Finding the Right Intent to Charm Our Friend Google! 🚀 🎉

Hey there!

So many people come to us with SEO questions, we decided to help you decrypt Google's algorithm to propel our clients to the first page. We have to admit, sometimes, Google is hard to keep up with, changing rules every 6 months... Before, it was all about keywords and the idea was to find the right ones, sprinkle them everywhere, and optimize them to the max. Now, that's not enough! You need to know the search intent behind each query on Google.

Why is Intent the Hidden Treasure of SEO?

Imagine you're an archaeologist searching for hidden treasures. Each keyword you use is like a shovel that allows you to dig deeper to discover the buried secrets of your audience. The intent behind each search is the real treasure, revealing what your audience really wants to find.

What exactly is Search Intent?

There are three main categories of intent:

  1. Informational: "I want to know how to..."

  2. Navigational: "I want to go to..."

  3. Transactional: "I want to buy..."

Understanding these intents allows you to create content so in tune with what your audience is looking for that Google won't be able to resist placing you at the top of the podium.

What about the buying journey?

The buying journey is a bit like a video game where each level corresponds to a different stage of your client's buying decision. By aligning your content with this journey, you subtly guide your visitor from discovery to purchase, through consideration.

Now it's your turn!

Take a moment to think about the important searches for your business. What intent lies behind them? How could you adjust your content to better meet this intent?

If you need help answering these questions, there is always someone here at Vloe who is happy to help! :)



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